There are three mailing lists, two of which you can post messages on. If you have a problem, please please please always include at least:

  • PowerDNS version you are using
  • What backends you use (gMySQL, BIND etc)
  • If you are using DNSSEC
  • Operating system it is running on
  • Where you got the binary from, ie did you compile it yourself (which compiler, including version), from your distribution or ports tree etc
  • What is going wrong
  • What you did, or somebody else did, that causes things to go wrong
  • What you expect to happen (many problems are in fact wrong expectations, and not bugs)
  • *ANYTHING* else that might be relevant, like load balancers, strange hardware, firewall rules etc etc

If you really want to ask smart questions, read  How To Ask Questions the Smart Way and  How to Report Bugs Effectively, but we do realise this is a lot of reading.

Due to massive amounts of spam, you need to subscribe before posting. More information can be found on